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Stacey C. Liakos

Author, Entrepeneur, Business Owner

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over a year since “Stray Love” was published but most of you might not know, I wrote those words over a decade ago. At that time, writing served as my lifeline— it was a deeply personal process. A way to deal with my emotions, to navigate grief, and to wrestle with the complexities of my past.


Stray will not only share the honest account of my story it will share Ray’s Ray’s too–He was a beautiful, broken soul, with a larger than life personality and big heart – unfortunately a victim of circumstance.

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Michael P. Blevins

Director, Producer

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Michael P. Blevins was born on November 10, 1987 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. He is a producer and director, known for Digging to Death (2021), The Devil Comes to Kansas City (2023) and The 2nd (2020).

Since the age of 17, he has aspired to become a renowned Hollywood director. While still in high school in Kansas City, Missouri, he began making movies, creating three backyard features between the ages of 19 and 23. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to chase his dream. October 1st, 2023, marked his 11-year anniversary in LA.

Currently, he is a member of the Producers Guild and has directed or produced several movies. His film, “The Devil Comes to Kansas City,” is set to be released on streaming platforms and in theaters this year.


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Bruce “Busta” Soscia

Actor, Producer, Entrepeneur

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Bruce is an American actor, producer, and entrepreneur born March 8th, 1976 on a military base in California. He was raised between New York and Boston, in Rhode Island.

Bruce grew up amongst an array of ‘tough guys’ and quickly learned to fight to survive and hustle to thrive in a world filled with ‘street wise characters’. He has had major success as a blue collar barber, having built up twelve ‘GQ’ barber shops in R.I. and is also known for his philanthropy in coordinating major charity events such as ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ on behalf of the American Cancer Society.

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