My Lessons on Love, Life & Loss

A Memoir by Stacey Caputi Liakos

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“Stray Love” is an emotional autobiography by Stacey Caputi Liakos, delves into her true story of young love and devastating loss. It’s a memoir that intimately explores her relationship with Ray, a drug dealer whose life is entrenched in crime and drug use. As Stacey’s dream of love turns into a nightmare of abuse and addiction, she faces the harsh realities of a broken heart and the perilous world Ray inhabits. This nonfiction narrative poignantly captures the impact of drug addiction on their relationship, illustrating the destructive interplay between love and substance abuse.

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Hollywood Comes Knocking

“Stray Love” the memoir is set for a big screen transformation

Simply titled “STRAY,” the movie is set to be filmed in Rhode Island. The first “STRAY” press event included Hollywood director and producer Michael Blevins, Actor and Entrepreneur Bruce “Busta” Soscia, mega social media influencers, media and more.

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Stray Love on Social



About The Author

Stacey was born and raised in a loving home in Rhode Island with her parents, twin sister and younger sister. She has always been a determined entrepreneur and has certainly had her fair share of successes and failures along the way. She is the owner of her flourishing marketing and advertising agency, DDL Advertising. She resides in Somerset, MA and has been married for more than a decade with three children of her own that she loves more than anything.

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